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The Quash - The Quash Productions, LLC EPISODE 47, 22nd October 2020
Founding fathers would hang them all
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Founding fathers would hang them all

In this episode I show people that the situation we have is NOT equivalent to the founding fathers. We are SO far from their situation it is absurd to compare them. There was no Income tax. The govt didn't do anything. The AG had a private practice in order to make a living until the 1850's! Nothing about our situation is the same. The system does NOT scale. You can't have 100 times more people and have the system keep working. It is all a scam.

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Here's the interactive link to check out about budgets. https://www.usgovernmentrevenue.com/piechart_1820_US_fed

Michael's budget https://www.thoughtco.com/michelle-obamas-staff-3322113

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