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#198: How to Make Great Impressions in Dance, Life and Business [Podcast]
23rd February 2019 • The DancePreneuring Studio • Annett Bone: Creative Strategist
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Session Summary: 

First impressions can be lasting impressions. LA Dance Project and Mythili Prakash made lasting great impressions with their performances, and provided valuable reference points in their work that apply to dance, life and business.

If you've listened to prior episodes when I review dance events, I take note of my first point of contact, from the first email, phone call and response. I pay attention to things such as the demeanor of the venue's team and other details. These impressions can be great impressions, or not so great impressions. These touch points can determine whether I want to return to the venue.

One thing I appreciate is clarity. Especially in communication. I felt that with my contact with LA Dance Project, as well as the actual performances that I saw with both artists lended to a fantastic experience because there was clarity.

Another thing I appreciate is simplicity. Things don't always have to be complicated to be spectacular or effective. Simplicity within the dancers' attire of LA Dance Project made the choreography stand out more to me. The simplicity of the emotions communicated by Mythili Prakash was very enjoyable to experience.

Great impressions all around with this collaboration. : )

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