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Revelation Chapter 13
Episode 161st June 2022 • EXHALE BIBLE DISCOVERY • Dr. Paula
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This episode of Dr. Paula's Exhale bible Study continues in the book of Revelation, as we dive into Chapter 13. This chapter continues with us looking at the beast, just as we have passed the seventh trumpet being sounded. Chapter twelve introduced us to the various characters of Satan, his allies, and Christ and his Church. We continue to see the beautiful message of our God being in control woven throughout the book of Revelation, as it is throughout the entire Bible. He knows the outcome and he wins. We must continue to see Christ first as we continue to tackle each of these chapters in this book of Revelation. Dear friends, do not lose heart!


Welcome to Exhale Bible Discovery. Each week we'll take a deep dive into the Bible, going line by line and chapter by chapter to discover the truth that God has for us in His Word.

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