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Healing in Hindsight™ - Taylor Daniele™ EPISODE 1, 15th August 2020
How it all began
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How it all began

Hey everyone, it’s official! Season 1 is live and we are ready to dive in with episode 1. If you’ve been following me prior to the show launch, I’m sure you’ve learned what this show is all about. Just in case if you’re brand new, I’m your host Taylor Daniele, here to share my journey living with type 2 diabetes and my goal to reverse it. 

My goal is to create conversations on how we can make lifestyle changes to reverse or naturally manage diabetes. I hope this inspires you to do so too. 

Everything I share is real and I promise to keep it that way. I want us to share quality information and perspectives, so we can go out into the world and make a change. With that I want to share how this all began for me and why I’m here today.


How it all started: 

I had been experiencing some strange physical symptoms the past few months. I finally stopped ignoring the signs. Deep down I knew what was going on with me. I needed to see if I had diabetes. Yes type 2 diabetes. Then weeks before my 26th birthday, I had confirmation. I was a 26 year old with type 2 diabetes. 

In that moment, my idea to create a community of my peers battling the same disease was sparked. I sat with it and researched everything about it as much as I could stand. I then thought, I should start a blog. 

Trial and Error

After realizing what I wanted to create I went down the deep rabbit hole of creating a blog with hopes to potentially make it something more. I did a little bit with it and even had somewhat of a social media schedule to make it big. 

Months went by. I was too busy, too tired, not following anything that I had been told to do by my doctor or anything I researched. Who would read about a failure? So it sat.

I started to think about refocusing on my little slice of the internet again. I was thinking about all my past habits and my ways of living and decoding those moments on how it led to my current state. I had decided before I even had the name and website that people, especially those my age, needed to know how serious this was and that our generation had the power to make huge changes in the health and wellness space. I wanted to be the person to lead that charge when it came to other type 2 diabetics.  

Birthing and nurturing

For the past 4 years I’ve struggled to make Healing in Hindsight™ be the brand that propels this mission forward. But I was a failure. I didn’t feel like I could provide anything meaningful. I had more bad days than good and too this day I’m still a diabetic. No success story for me. 

Maybe you’re wondering? Cool soooo you’re saying you have a blog and you’re podcasting? I haven’t done as much as I could’ve. I could be so much further along. But I won’t waste any more energy on criticizing myself. I’m here now. Being able to share my experiences and struggles is all I ever really wanted. And I want you to know that this is a safe place to share yours too. 

Find more at www.healinginhindsight.com


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