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[SGC-8] Do You Have The Right Visual Content? With Amanda Myers
Episode 89th November 2022 • She's Got Content • Melissa Brown, MD
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Content is more than merely written text. The words on your website, in your blog, newsletter, social media, and digital products can be enhanced and clarified with the visual content you include.

Today's expert, photographer Amanda Myers, has an eye for images and how to use them to promote your products and services. She shares her expertise in this episode and helps you get the right visual content in place.

Don’t Miss Inside This Episode:

  • The most important thing to consider before you start taking photos of products or images for your website.
  • Learn the time of day to avoid taking your own DIY natural light photos and what time of day to plan for photographing instead.
  • What's a compelling reason for outsourcing image creations (or considering outsourcing any other tasks in your business.)
  • Tips for shooting group photos (think retreat group shots, networking events, and even your family's holiday get-togethers.)
  • How to ensure visually impaired visitors to your website have a good experience.

Links and products mentioned in today's episode:

Kelly McCausey's podcast interview on She's Got Content podcast: Episode 2: What's Your Content Creation Mindset?

Free gift from Amanda: 52 Stock Photos and Inspirational Quotes package. Use coupon code: Melissa

About Amanda Myers

Amanda Myers is a freelance photographer, specializing in photographing pets and products. She has over 6 years of children and family portrait studio experience and over 27 years of pet photography experience.

Her education includes a Bachelor of Science Degree in Photography with a double minor in Art and Graphic Design from Central Missouri State University.

Amanda teaches Photoshop and Photography classes as well as private Photoshop lessons. In addition to taking photos, Amanda enjoys restoring old vintage photos.

Amanda's Websites

A Style Photography focuses on local pet photos, children and family portraits (Orlando, Florida, and surrounding areas), and product photography from anywhere as long as it's shippable!

Create Meow focuses on stock photography and inspiration quote photos for small businesses to use for their social media photos or website needs.

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Instagram for Create Meow

About Your Host

Melissa Brown, MD - Coach, Author, Speaker, Teacher, and Podcast Host.

After leaving medical practice in 2009, Melissa discovered the online world and never looked back! After coach certification, she began a healthy lifestyle coaching practice online and quickly fell in love with blogging, writing, and content marketing.

Melissa believes that coaches have the power to change the world. Unfortunately, too many coaches get discouraged by the amount of content they need to create for marketing their business and this can lead to overwhelm and giving up on their dreams. There's such a ripple effect when a dream dies, so Melissa is on a mission to help coaches and solopreneurs overcome the overwhelm when it comes to content creation so they keep those dreams alive.

Your content can impact massive amounts of people and positively change the world. You've got content in there inside you; let's get it out into the world.

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