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Salon Owners Collective - Larissa Macleman EPISODE 158, 9th January 2020
A Powerful Financial Framework to Grow your Salon
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A Powerful Financial Framework to Grow your Salon

The SECOND episode of my Master Your Inner CEO Podclass Series STARTS NOW...

This one's a goodie. 

So, there are 2 reasons you might listen to this Podclass.

  1. You’re not making as much as you would like
  2. You want to be making more!

...Or both!

You’re aiming to really make 2020 your breakthrough year and know prof!t is a huge part of the mix.

And there’s never been a better time to make some changes and prioritise growth, because after all...

It's what are we in business for mostly- I'm sure it’s not because you had dreams of starting a not-for-prof!t business.

So in this podclass, I’m going to tell you what to do and what to focus on in 2020 so you can be making a gain within your business.

Here’s a little sneak peek into what I cover in this episode…

  • Understanding why prof!tability is so important
  • Prioritising prof!t… prof!tability is a decision!
  • Your CEO prof!tability responsibility to your stakeholders
  • Have a financial plan, a framework, an "oracle"

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