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The Modern Mommy Doc Podcast - Whitney Casares, MD, MPH, FAAP EPISODE 13, 23rd March 2020
How to Help Your Toddler Navigate Big Emotions with Tracy Cutchlow
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How to Help Your Toddler Navigate Big Emotions with Tracy Cutchlow

With coronavirus COVID-19 in our midst, we have a lot of moms at home with their young kids. Those moms are spending A LOT Of time helping those kids manage their often very big emotions. This week, our guest Tracy Cutchlow, author of Zero to Five: 70 Essential Parenting Tips Based on Science (and What I've Learned So Far), talks about what moms can do to make parenting in the first five years more manageable and less frustrating. It's the perfect episode for this moment as we practice more social distancing and more time together with our children.

Parents magazine called Zero to Five "the coolest--and easiest--book for new parents." Tracy was the editor of two bestselling books: Brain Rules and Brain Rules for Baby.

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