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Better Each Day Podcast Radio Show with Bruce Hilliard - Bruce Hilliard EPISODE 143, 5th June 2020
I’m Going Home ~ A New Song with Bruce Hilliard
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I’m Going Home ~ A New Song with Bruce Hilliard

We published a show everyday for about two months and took a few days off while we watched the inevitable happen. You all have been sacked by the media if not actually in the demonstrations. This is not a politically charged show. I have my personal beliefs regarding politics and religion. There is much room for improvement to advance beyond the dark ages.

I will take a second to plug my music on Spotify though. It's free and easy. By going to Spotify and playing the songs, saving them to a playlist, or sharing, or any kind of traffic will let them know we're serious about quality music.

And music is what we do. I have a new song to share with you today. So, before we get started, let me take a moment to introduce you to the main guitars I use. First there’s the Ibanez bass. Followed by the Gibson S-1, and the Tacoma acoustic 6-string. There’s a Les Paul hanging on the wall with an Ovation Pacemaker acoustic electric 12-string. They’re having a time out because they were caught looting. But the guitar you hear in most of my songs is the one made famous by the Beatles, the Byrds’ Roger McGuinn and maybe Tom Petty. It sounds like the intro to the Byrds version of Mr. Tambourine Man. Mr. Tambourine Man. I know him as Mr. T., Mr. Coffee’s neighbor.

In a previous episode I played what I had down for this song. Here’s the latest version I just now mixed. The song is about a road trip with your sweetie on a hot summer day and driving into the night. The driver, whoever he is, is assuring you that we’re going home. Actually, he doesn’t know where the hell he’s going but he knows it’s going to be an adventure. One of those spur of the moment road trips you take when you’re young and immortal.

Never before heard by human ears, a herd of Bruce’s singing and playing, and with this show it’s officially copyrighted, here’s I’m Going Home. (Lyrics below.)

And one off my recently released EP, a song about my hometown Aberdeen, it’s called Endless Rain.

One more and I’m off to the Saturday night dance at the Harborena in Hoquiam WA. All dressed up and nowhere to go because your Momma Won’t Let You Go girl!

Thanks for listening. This is 137 pounds of wild meat Bruce Hilliard, until next time, be safe and happy. Good times are ahead and it gets better each day.


I'm Going Home

Out on the highway running away 

Living the day I don’t care what they say 

The window’s down got a song in my head

And I’m running with the wind for a better day

And I’m running with the wind for a better way


Now I'm looking for my freedom 

On a two buck radio

And I'm driving on down this Ocean Road 

And I'm going home, yeah I'm going home


Out on the highway driving all day (into the cool of the night)

Now I’ve got a feeling like falling in love (you in the dashboard light)

Under the stars a billion miles away

And now we’re running with the wind got no piper to pay

Yeah, we’re running with the wind to a better day


So if you ask me where I’m going

And you’re thinking about hitching a ride

Climb aboard my friend, you’ll never be alone

And I’m going home, yeah I’m going home


Do you feel like a million dollars

Do you feel like taking a chance

It’s not on a map, only a poet would know

That I’m going home, yeah I’m going home


Ah, I’m going home