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On the Brighter Side - On the Brighter Side 20th July 2020
Uncompromising Intimacy with Alexandra Stockwell
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Uncompromising Intimacy with Alexandra Stockwell

Today we are chatting with Alexandra Stockwell MD, author of the book Uncompromising Intimacy. She is a relationship and intimacy expert just like me. Alexandra believes that when both people know how to love and be loved for exactly who they are, the relationship is juicy, nourishing and deeply satisfying.

Alexandra is breaking the traditions of marital advice and teaching couples that compromise does not lead to long term relationship success. We should not let our spouse's needs become more important than our own. Not to say that you should get your way all the time or that you dominate the relationship, instead learning how to be vulnerable with each other and honest about our wants and desires.

How do we do this? By cultivating curiosity, being curious about your partner and asking questions about what they like and don’t like. This allows us to be more curious about ourselves and we can learn and accept our own desires and needs.       

Every interaction we have with our spouse that isn’t sex is foreplay. Moments throughout the day are either bringing you closer together or building up walls, resentment, and separation. We discuss ways to have difficult conversations with our spouses that can not only end with our desired outcome, but also builds excitement to get into the bedroom.

For more information, check out her website at: https://www.alexandrastockwell.com/

To download and read the first chapter of her book for FREE go to: https://chapter.alexandrastockwell.com/

If you would like to download my freebie - 51 Ways to Initiate Sex with Your Spouse, you can do so here: https://onthebrightersideofmarriage.com/51waysinitiate