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Infinite Earth Radio – weekly conversations with leaders building smarter, more sustainable, and equitable communities - Michael Hancox EPISODE 49
The Future of “Infinite Earth Radio” and Sustainability and Equity in the Trump Era
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The Future of “Infinite Earth Radio” and Sustainability and Equity in the Trump Era


One Year of Spurring Innovation for the Future of Sustainability and Equity


[01:19] Kate Meis is introduced.

[02:04] Kate reflects on her feelings of how the podcast has been doing over the past year.

[03:04] Mike adds to the conversation with his own perspective of the podcast.

[03:33] Kate explains how she sees the recent election impacting sustainability and equity efforts.

[07:46] Mike comments how he thinks sustainability efforts will play out over the next four years.

[08:49] Kate mentions what advocates are paying attention to in the sustainability space.

[10:49] Kate talks about the membership survey.

[14:10] Mike shares his thoughts about the survey results.

[15:55] Kate speaks about some of the themes found in the survey results.

[18:24] Mike mentions what he learned from the survey.

[19:29] Kate tells of the split between urban and rural areas that she saw in the election.

[21:18] Mike conveys that the suburban and rural voters feel disrespected by the urban voters.

[22:02] Kate shares what’s being done to foster more innovation and progress at the local level.

[23:38] Mike describes what’s coming up for “Infinite Earth Radio”.

[27:37] Kate adds her thoughts on an upcoming plan for “Infinite Earth Radio”.

[27:58] Kate shares some words of encouragement.


Kate Meis is the Executive Director of the Local Government Commission (LGC). Kate is a champion for local governments, a recognized leader in local climate change adaptation, mitigation and clean energy efforts, and an ardent coalition builder. She obtained a Masters of Science degree in Community and Regional Development from the University of California, Davis, and has a Sociology Bachelor’ s degree from California State University, Sonoma.


For over 35 years LGC has connected cutting-edge leaders from across the nation. Together they are advancing transformative policies and implementing innovative solutions for sustainable communities. LGC works to build livable communities and local leadership by connecting leaders via innovative programs and network opportunities, advancing policies through participation at the local and state level, and implementing solutions as a technical assistance provider and advisor to local jurisdictions. With roots in California and a national reputation, LGC offers inspiration, information, and partnership for local and regional champions dedicated to building thriving communities that integrate civic engagement with environmental, social and economic priorities.


“Our mission, really, is to get the word out about great projects and policies that can be scaled and implemented in communities across the nation, with the goal of improving those communities, making them more livable and sustainable, so to be able to reach the number of folks we’ve reached through these podcasts has been really rewarding.”

“…the next four years will really determine whether or not we’re able to deliver on the Paris Agreement, so the next four years are going to be critical. So that is why we’re concerned about the signals we’re getting from the administration, but that said, climate-change leadership has always happened at the subnational level, so at the level of cities, regions, and states.”

“No matter what happens with the new administration, we are seeing strong signals that states are going to continue to lead, that cities are going to continue to lead…We are seeing leadership continue, and that’s going to be critical moving forward.”


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