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Corbin vs. The World - Corbin David Albaugh and NoCo FM 9th June 2019
CVTW 039: Fear and Loathing in Pop Culture Con
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CVTW 039: Fear and Loathing in Pop Culture Con

TONIGHT our hero chronicles his savage journey to the heart of the American Pop Culture Dream. How can you tell between a cosplayer and a furry? Can Sally Hawkins keep her monster libido under control in the new Godzilla movie? What do Marlon Brando and iTunes have in common? Find out tonight on a new episode of Corbin vs The World!

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Hosted by Corbin David Albaugh. Produced by Chris Lanphear for NoCo FM.
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Special thanks to Treemotel for our theme song, "Alien Trill"

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