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Soil Sista Saturday 2022 | August 28, 2022 | Golden Listener Aileen Catrone
28th August 2022 • GREEN Organic Garden Podcast • Jackie Marie Beyer
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JackieMarie and Aileen share what's growing well, what's their biggest challenge this summer and what they're cooking from their garden in 2022. Aileen is in NJ And JackieMarie is in NW Montana.

Aileen has started Artichoke sprouts after doing a stratification process where she froze the seeds.

Both have peppers taking off. 

Jackie mentions that the weather is dropping, they had a fire in the wood stove it was so cool this morning. Aileen is still in the 80s and 90s.

Jackie mentions this Wild Mediterranean Detox Diet she has been doing for 6 days and they talk about artichokes are some of the best pre-biotics for reseting your gut you can eat and there was a good recipe for artichoke chips kind of like potato chips.

Wild Mediterranean: The Age-old, Science-new Plan For a Healthy Gut, With Food You Can Trust

They discussed strawberries and ever-bearing during regular berries that only produce in June.

Aileen referred to Jackie's interview with Mark Risdall Smith who wrote the

Vertical Veg Guide to Container Gardening- How to Grow an Abundance of Herbs, Vegetables and Fruit in Small Spaces

The Vertical Veg Guide to Container Gardening: How to Grow an Abundance of Herbs, Vegetables and Fruit in Small Spaces

Aileen talked about Jackie's advice to deadhead her zinnias, and Jackie was saying her's haven't hardly bloomed at all. Her calendula and echinacea are blooming like crazy but she's only had one zinnia bloom and they could get a frost any day. 


They also talked about what they are eating. Jackie is eating golden beets and Swiss chard, cherry tomatoes.

Aileen talks about her success letting cilantro go to seed and then making a wreath from the stalks and seeds and putting in a pot and watering it that is coming up.

Jackie mention's her interview with Shanti Nagel she did from Design Wild who's best advice was don't be afraid to move something 3 times to find a place where it is happy and thriving.

Aileen talked about adding Dr. Earth's fertilizer and Jackie mentioned that Mike puts alfalfa meal under the tomatoes.

Aileen is also eating Swiss chard with fresh herbs and her husband Robbie made them into a vegetable herb stew. 

Jackie mentioned True Leaf Market is wanting to sponsor the GREEN Organic Garden Podcast and they gave her a discount code for her listeners to get 15% off cover crop seeds: GOG15.

Aileen talked about the seedlings she has growing in her greenhouse for the winter. Jackie mentioned Aileen's Instagram @where_the_seedlings_are. Aileen talked about how she gets mental health relief from being in the greenhouse and playing in the dirt.

True Leaf Market is wanting to sponsor the GREEN Organic Garden Podcast and is giving a discount code for listeners to get 15% off cover crop seeds: GOG15.

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