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The Modern Mommy Doc Podcast - Whitney Casares, MD, MPH, FAAP EPISODE 10, 2nd March 2020
How to Find Freedom and Balance with Diet and Exercise with Robin Long from The Balanced Life
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How to Find Freedom and Balance with Diet and Exercise with Robin Long from The Balanced Life

Ever feel like you're drowning in parenthood, feeling trapped and stuck as you try to balance it all, especially when it comes to diet and exercise? You don't have to. This week we're honored to have Robin Long as our guest to tell us about a better way. She's the founder of The Balanced Life, where she helps other women find grace over guilt when it comes to eating and exercise, but also in all other areas of their lives. Robin is passionate about helping women love their bodies, become the healthiest version of themselves, and take a realistic and balanced approach to health & fitness. 

About the Balanced Life:

The Balanced Life is a website and membership community that provides high quality online Pilates workouts for busy women.

Sign up now to join Robin on the FREE Strength & Stress Relief Challenge March 9-13

  • The Strength & Stress Relief Challenge is a free 5-day Pilates challenge hosted by Robin Long and The Balanced Life.
  • No equipment necessary. All you need is access to the internet and a comfortable place to do your Pilates.
  • All levels are welcome and perfect for every stage of life!
  • Each workout is just 15 minutes long and is designed to help you improve your consistency, build strength, and improve the way you feel in your body each day!
  • Everyday you will receive an email with a Pilates workout + one super simple, yet powerful, way to reduce stress as you go throughout their day.

Join the Balanced Life Sisterhood starting March 16 (Enrollment Open March 16-20 only) 

As a Sisterhood member, each month you'll receive:

  • A Monthly Workout Calendar - a M-F plan that's flexible and easy to follow. 
  • A Monthly Wellness Focus
  • An On-Demand Pilates Workout Library
  • An Uplifting Community of Women 
  • A Database of Easy and Healthy Recipes 


Hey Mama! It's Dr. Whitney. As I look back on my parenthood journey and think about the times I’ve felt the most overwhelmed or lost, they all share one common theme: in all of them, I felt directionless or like I was moving in the wrong direction. So, I started getting really intentional about figuring out what I needed to focus on daily to help me move toward what I actually wanted for me and for my kids months and years down the line.  

After some time, I realized I had something I could come back to when I felt rudderless but ALSO that I felt lost less often. So, I started writing down for the Modern Mommy Doc community more about 6 core areas of focus: dreaming big, spending time on what matters, making space for ourselves, investing in our physical and mental health, parenting in partnership, and the way we parent our kids. That’s how the Parenting with Intention Journal came to be…because, as I shared what I learned about intentional parenting with other moms in my clinic or online, it resonated with them. In it, we walk through how to how to make parenting with intention a daily practice.

We designed the Parenting with Intention Journal to be beautiful. It’s a vegan leather hardback with foil-pressed matte gold on the cover. It includes 16 pages of instructional material with 192 pages of ivory lined paper so you can document every day how you’re going to set your intentions for motherhood and for your life. You can find it at www.modernmommydoc.com/shop.