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Gift Biz Unwrapped - Sue Monhait EPISODE 317, 10th May 2021
317 – The Smart Way to Brand Corporate Gifts with Chelsea Martin of Noms Bake Shop
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317 – The Smart Way to Brand Corporate Gifts with Chelsea Martin of Noms Bake Shop

If you've ever wondered how to sell corporate gifts to companies, today's guest has some tips that will definitely help you out. How To Sell Corporate Gifts To Companies with Chelsea MartinChelsea is the co-owner of Noms Bake Shop, the industry expert in the art of convenient corporate gifting that leaves a lasting impression. In a noisy world of email marketing and forgettable corporate tchotchkes, Chelsea and the Noms Bake Shop team provide a premium solution to corporate and personal gifting that delights clients and showcases their brands. Chelsea has extensive experience in marketing and real estate and is passionate about helping companies impress, retain and grow their customers and client base. She lives in Scottsdale Arizona with her husband Trevor and two dogs.


  • When someone you don't know has a powerful response to your product, that's a great validation there’s a market for your product.
  • Create connections with potential clients by getting them to experience your product. Putting your product in front of them will do a lot of the selling.
  • Research as much as you can during product development so you can come up with effective strategies to scale your business.  There will be investments to produce the quality of the product you are aiming for.
  • Find a way to stand out in your industry. Understand where your product fits in your niche and differentiate to create a unique product.

How To Sell Corporate Gifts To Companies

  • Don't send your logo-marked products to potential customers you have no relationship with. There's not much motivation for them to keep it.
  • Once you do have a relationship, your logo products will be more welcome. Make sure you're in the right place of the customer journey or are already connected. <-- Pro tip! 
  • Events like trade shows are the perfect place for promotional logo products such as pens.
  • Guide your clients on the best ways to use or present your products.
  • For the gifting industry, It is important that your product arrives in amazing condition since it represents the brand of your client. The whole experience should be exciting for customers.
  • Deliver joy across the country. The goal of your product is to make a person’s day and connect with them.
  • Share value-based content on social media that your customers can use in their own business
  • Tune in to hear how Noms went from a small farmers market seller to a nationwide corporate gift powerhouse!  Tons of amazing tips you can learn about building your own business

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