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Science of Sports Recovery - Jase Kraft EPISODE 30, 18th May 2021
30: Eat More to Get Leaner with Kylie Ohlmiller
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30: Eat More to Get Leaner with Kylie Ohlmiller

Kylie Ohlmiller is one of the best professional lacrosse players in the nation and the founder and owner of KO17 Lacrosse. She broke a 17-year old NCAA DI record for career points and a 9-year-old NCAA DI record for career assists. Ohlmiller served as team captain her sophomore, junior and senior seasons, and totaled 255 goals during her four-year career.

In our interview with Kylie Ohlmiller we discussed her journey on lacrosse and at what point in life did she decide that this would be her career in sports.

We also talk about:

  • Mental Prep for competition & Visualization
  • Shedding the Mental Burden of Sport
  • Eating Vegetables for Breakfast
  • Lacrosse becoming an Olympic Sport

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More from Kylie:

Podcast: Dream on with Kylie Ohmiller.

Business: https://ko17lacrosse.com/

Instagram: @Kylieohlmiller17

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