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The Power of a 90-Day Cycle
15th January 2018 • The Higher Self with Danny Morel • Danny Morel
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The excitement of the new year is gone. What happens to a lot of us when reality hits? What techniques can you put in place to make sure you’re building momentum from the beginning of the year? Why are 90-day cycles so critical to the inner workings of your business? On this episode, we talk about the categories you should be tracking and working on in bite-sized chunks.

Success doesn’t happen right away, it happens in increments of 90-day cycles. -Danny Morel

Tactics + Takeaways

  • The game of success is not in the outer world-- it’s in your inner world.
  • Even though you are an independent contractor, you have to treat this like a real job.
  • For every hour you prospect, you should be talking to 10 people.
  • You work with buyers to pay the bills. You work with listings to create a career.

At the start of the show, I talked about what happens when the excitement of the new year fizzles out, and why your business actions have to be driven by data and not emotion. Next, I talked about how focus on the smaller chunks of your goals helps you avoid distractions. I also shared on the importance of showing up to work everyday, even if you’re an independent contractor. Towards the end, I talked about the importance of having an accountability partner.

I also spoke about:

  • The importance and necessity of prospecting
  • Why it’s so important to role-play and learn scripts
  • The key to the whole 90-day cycle

Our business goals have to be fact-driven, not emotion-driven. Even though our minds feed off of energy and positive belief, we need something guiding us, keeping us from losing momentum and getting demoralized. This is why breaking your year into 4 bite-sized pieces works. Your mind can see 90 days away, it can feel it, believe it and taste it. This allows you to push harder without distractions. Don’t just work off of the need for money. Work off of things that will drive results later. You will get everything you want and deserve on the back end, by focusing on the things you need and want on the front end.