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Bring Your Product Ideas to Life - Vicki Weinberg EPISODE 23, 21st August 2020
Creating Upcycled products – with Lau Moracchini
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Creating Upcycled products – with Lau Moracchini

Lau Morrachini is an eco-friendly woodworker and jewellery maker. She’s an upcycler, who makes her own, bespoke products.

Listen in to hear Lau share:

  • An introduction to Lau and her business (1:11)
  • How she got started with wood-working and metal turning (1:53)
  • Where she sources the reclaimed items to create her products (4:45)
  • How she designs her products (6:18)
  • How and where people find her products (8:45)
  • Whether it’s easier to sell bespoke jewellery in person or online (10:22)
  • How long it takes to make a product (11:30)
  • How she manages stock and what to make, when (12:38)
  • The biggest challenges she faces (13:57)
  • How Coronavirus has affected her business and the way she needs to market her products (16:30)
  • How the business works around her family (18:33)
  • What she enjoys about running her business (20:34)
  • Her top advice for other makers and product creators (24:03)
  • The importance of knowing who your customers are (25:30)
  • Why it doesn’t matter if not everyone likes your products (29:11)


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