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Delivering Amazing Customer Experience is Taught, Not Assumed [AW 149]
Episode 14918th March 2023 • Remarkable Results Radio Podcast • Carm Capriotto, AAP
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How do you create an amazing customer experience in your business? Guess what? No one is born with those skills, but your employees are can turn talent into a skill with proper training. 

Joe Marconi, Executive Council Member, Elite Worldwide. Auto Shop Owner. Joe’s Episodes HERE.

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Show Notes:
  • It's never too early in business to prepare for the unexpected and your eventual exit.
  • Life can throw you a curveball, and we have all heard the stories of a shop owner that had a life-changing illness or worse. As a shop owner, are you prepared for life's curve balls? And what about your family?  In addition, the primary responsibility of the business owner is to create an exit strategy.  It's not that you are selling tomorrow, but preparing for an exit strategy grows a successful business and is worth more. Curveballs and Exit strategies go hand in hand. 
  • Build your business as a home; build it to sell in the future
  • THA 316 surviving health scare
  • Delivering an amazing customer experience is taught, not assumed
  • Amazing customer service is lacking these days, and so is creating a world-class customer experience. By the way, customer service and customer experience are different. All too often, we blame the employees, especially younger people, for not having the people skills to create an amazing customer experience. Well, no one is born with those skills, and just like the skill of playing the piano or shooting a basketball, having the talent is one thing, but to hone that talent into a skill takes training. 
  • What is great customer service? What does it look like? Do you have in-house training in place for everyone in the business? 
  • Be prepared for customers- lower their anxiety.
  • Get into the hearts and minds of the individual- personalize it, make notes
  • Talent comes first, develop the skills comes second
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