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Improve Your Capabilities and Processes – Get LEAN [CC 090]
Episode 9017th May 2021 • Remarkable Results Radio Podcast • Carm Capriotto, AAP
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Craig Caudill, Manager at Fine Tuned Automotive Erie, CO

Key Talking Points

  • Lean- eliminating waste in processes. Waste is anything that doesn't add value to the customer’s experience
  • 7 wastes in lean- motion, inventory, waiting, defects, overproduction, transportation, over-processing
  • Motion- excessive motion techs/advisors being away from the work station. Using instant messaging on the shop management system for instant streamline communication
  • Inventory- excessive inventory isn't bringing value to customers. Has to turn over so it's not wasted money
  • Waiting- technicians input in system precisely parts needed and update lead time in the management system
  • Defects- categorize comebacks
  • Overproduction- doing more than what customer requested
  • Transportation- the movement of vehicles in the shop. Accurate diagnosis first time and identify every issue
  • Over-processing- don't develop processes that are overly complex. Simplify everything to key elements. Don’t overthink or over the process.
  • 5 S event- sort (take out everything you have and see if it's necessary to keep) set and order (essential items are identified and set in order. Tape off areas where items go and have a picture of how that area is supposed to look) shine (after everything is in its place then you clean) standardized (building processes and SOP’s) sustain
  • People don't want to be questioning what they should do- build a structured culture
  • Parts are labeled specific to parts suppliers
  • Improving profitability- waste is time and money. Customers are willing to pay for the value you offer them
  • How to start? Don’t be intimidated. Do research on 5 S and start seeing benefits.
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