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Funerol and the Fun of Discovery
Episode 225th October 2023 • Buried on Bandcamp • HVSPN
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Show Name: Buried on Bandcamp

Episode Title: Funerol and the Fun of Discovery

Episode #2

You are listening to Buried on Bandcamp the podcast with your host Taylor!

In this episode of Buried on Bandcamp the podcast, we discuss: the band Funerol, their music, and discovering new music.

Segment 1: Funerol

Firstly, who is Funerol? They are a self-proclaimed (their bio on Bandcamp!) rock ‘n’ roll band from Los Angeles. Their current lineup of members- as of their most recent release- consists of Evan Escoboza on vocals, Jimmy Baeskens on guitar, Adam Avalos on drums, Graham Gould on lead guitar, and Coda Hampton on bass. As said before they are a rock ‘n’ roll band, specifically alt-rock, punk rock, and hard rock.

Segment 2: Club Sounds and Afraid of the Weekend

Now onto their music. Their first release, an EP titled Club Sounds, was released on October 23rd, 2019- almost four years old as of right now! My personal favorites off the album are Honor Amongst Thieves, and especially Six in the Chamber, which you just heard as the intro music for this segment. Six in the Chamber may actually be my favorite song by Funerol, also being their longest song to date at six minutes and 12 seconds. The song starts off sounding mostly normal, led by the vocals and an interesting-sounding keyboard melody- repetitive, but not in a bad way. But around halfway through the song, the lyrics slow down and the guitar takes over, playing a somber but strong tune that moves me every time I listen. It’s a fantastic song and a great EP.

Their next release would come over a year later on January 17th, 2021, with the release of the single Till It Starts to Rot. After that, another single was released on June 24th, 2022, titled Afraid of the Weekend- again, over a year after their prior release. The reason why I didn’t elaborate on either of them is because they’re both songs on Funerol’s most recent release and first album, also titled Afraid of the Weekend. This was released on February 24th, 2023. You can easily tell they’ve grown in experience from their last release. My personal favorites off the album are, coincidentally, the ones they released prior to the album’s release- Till It Starts to Rot and Afraid of the Weekend. I’d say Till It Starts to Rot is my favorite of the two, though. It’s the first song on the album and a great first song at that. The guitar is outstanding in this song- I’m always a sucker for a good guitar solo. But honestly, it’s a little hard to choose a favorite song, because all of them are great. Afraid of the Weekend is easily my favorite out of their two albums.

Segment 3: Discovering Music

I think the story of how I discovered Funerol is an interesting one, mainly because there is a story at all. For most other bands I listen to, my “discovery story” is usually:

  • hearing about the band, or having it recommended to me by an algorithm or a person
  • listening to it
  • liking it

Not much else to it. But this one is a bit more interesting. For Funerol, it was:

  • Looking at the Spotify profile of another band that I really enjoy
  • Seeing their upcoming concerts
  • Seeing that they were not alone in their concerts
  • Getting curious and listening to this new band
  • Liking it

It's still not the most gripping story out there, I know, but it’s interesting at least to me. I know I’ve mentioned this before in prior episodes and it’s a given, seeing what my podcast is about but I really do love discovering new music. It’s always fun for me, to go through an artist’s discography- usually in chronological order- listening through their work. And this discovery leads me to new, fun places- maybe a chance to talk with friends about this new music I found and liked. Or, most of the time- it’s no “new place,” but just the enjoyment of music, with a clean, new sheen is enough to make me happy.

Music Credits:

  • Breezy - mandimore
  • Honor Amongst Thieves - Funerol
  • Six in the Chamber - Funer0l
  • Afraid of the Weekend - Funer0l
  • Till it Starts to Rot - Funerol 

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