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INVESTTHIS - Scott Bower EPISODE 94, 6th February 2020
How to Train Your Brain for Massive Success
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How to Train Your Brain for Massive Success

When we are in difficult situations, our brain goes into overdrive, causing stress and negative thoughts to override progress. So, how do you train your brain to overcome these artificial barriers? That's just one of the many things you will learn in today's episode. 

Ola Dantis moved to the US from the UK and started his own real estate investing business. As you can imagine, Ola ran into many difficulties, but that didn't stop him. Instead, he took his master's degree, set his mind for success, and learned as much as he could about real estate investing through reading, BiggerPockets, and podcasts. 

Today, Ola is the Director of Acquisitions for Dwellyn where he manages larger multifamily investing with over $40,000,000M in deals. His focus is in the apartment syndication space, resulting in a competitive edge in value add and equity creation.

Key Takeaways

  • Ola's success journey 
  • How to acquire a fundamental mindset for success
  • How a trip to Dubai changed his outlook on real estate investing
  • Fix and flip wasn't working for him; how he transitioned into multifamily
  • Overcoming artificial barriers (self-imposed negativity)
  • How to change your perspective quickly and efficiently
  • Ways to train your brain to think differently
  • How a positive morning ritual makes you more productive
  • The importance of trying different things and not dismissing them out of handINVE
  • The complexities of apartment syndication
  • How to leverage your team
  • Passion + Perseverance + Process + Discipline = Success
  • Questions to ask yourself if you feel you're not progressing towards your goals
  • Generational wealth
  • How to reset your mindset

Book Recommendation

Grit, The Power of Passion and Perseverance, Angela Duckworth

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