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Trauma, Healing and Hope After Being Fired Featuring Julie Erickson
Episode 11224th September 2021 • GOING SOLO • David Shriner-Cahn
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Julie Erickson is an executive and career coach who started her own business 15 years ago after being fired from a job and realizing she needed to take another path.

We discuss:

  • A Monday morning get going meeting [02:48]
  • How to go where it’s warm [05:39]
  • The dark hallway in-between they never tell you about [06:42]
  • How to speed up your recovery from a job loss [13:25]
  • Why family is not great in terms of helping someone in their job search [14:58]
  • Why women are better storytellers [15:50]
  • Promoting oneself while still being in the tunnel space [18:51]
  • Why first-time entrepreneurs should aim to use their core value proposition [21:00]

She's helped many job seekers start their own businesses when they realize they would rather be their own boss. Julie ran two non-profits, has an MBA in leadership and graduated from Smith College. She is co-author of the recent book Betrayed by Work: Women’s Stories of Trauma, Healing, and Hope After Being Fired.

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