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How to Eliminate Fear and Stop Overthinking as an Eternal Entrepreneur
Episode 5519th July 2021 • Eternal Entrepreneur—Equipping Christian Businesses • Joe Newton, Pierce Brantley — Christian Business Leaders, Kingdom Entrepreneurs
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What keeps you from taking action in your kingdom business? We're not talking about normal decisions—but kingdom-minded ones. Joe tells you about his life and how he's stepped out in faith to build a business and life which accomplished his goal of empowering 10,000 entrepreneurs during his lifetime. He breaks down why we overthink decisions and what to do about them in the moment. Listen to get encouragement for your faith and the functional parts of your business.

This episode covers the topics of taking action, living in faith, not overthinking, decision making, prioritization, goals, accomplishments, doing the right thing, analysis paralysis, prayer, relationship with God, and marketplace ministry.