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Brand Identity ~ Audio Article
17th May 2019 • iCreateDaily Podcast • iCreateDaily Podcast

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If you’re a creator aspiring to build a business around your work don’t fret over not having your brand identity all sorted out before you start. You don’t need to make branding a big deal. It will evolve as you do.

Slogans – iCreateDaily has 3 Slogans(!)

Yes.. perhaps it’s too much. We’re still refining, because we’re in the journey. See what you think.

We’re using the first slogan more for the podcast and social communities.  The second one is more for this website, and the third tagline is our internal mantra. However, these slogans are naturally interchangeable, because ultimately, it’s the same brand, just different aspects of the one brand.

Here’s the current breakdown on the iCreateDaily branding and slogans, should it help you to see our example.

The iCreateDaily ‘What’ and ‘Who’

1. A movement for creators serious about their work.

Movement = Our what

Creators = Our who


The iCreateDaily ‘How’

2. The day is the way.™

Daily = Our how – it is our message, our mantra and our practice.

Our “daily” theme is strongly stated in our name and supported by all that we do. We publish daily content between our website, podcast, and to our email list, as well as on our social pages.

The iCreateDaily ‘Why’, aka Purpose

3. Create… Connect… Contribute.™

= Our why

The purpose that drives us is our desire to connect with—and contribute to—others through our own daily creating and creations.

  1. What & Who: a community… a movement for creators serious about their work
  2. Why: to create, connect and contribute
  3. How: through consistent daily effort

So… 3 slogans can be a bit awkward. Like, “Hey… couldn’t you make up your mind?!”

We did have four, now it’s three. The fourth one which we’re using less often is: ‘Start. Sustain. Succeed.‘ We still use it in communications and somewhat in our podcast interview structure, but lessening because it’s basically summed up in the “create daily” concept.

We may yet refine these over time. Some companies would call some of these Vision and Mission type phraseology.

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