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The Gerry Anderson Podcast - Anderson Entertainment EPISODE 135, 11th January 2021
Pod 135: Gerry Anderson and the Century 21 Crew
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Pod 135: Gerry Anderson and the Century 21 Crew

What is all this? Why, the Gerry Anderson Podcast, of course! This week we have Part Two of an archive recording from a 1981 Anderson convention featuring Gerry Anderson, John Brown (Puppet Workshop), Paddy Seale (Lighting cameraman), Bert Rule (Four Feather Falls), Roy Laffbery (Dialogue Editor), Wanda Brown (Puppet operator), Ralph Titterton (Barry Gray Archive), and Martin Bower (Model Maker). Don't miss Part One in Pod 132! Thanks to Mark Jones for sharing this recording with us!

01:07 Welcome to the Gerry Anderson Podcast!

03:30 These Facts are FAB!

09:17 Emails from the Listeners!

14:48 A Very Exciting Gerry Anderson News. See links below!

20:08 From the Audience!

25:03 Anderfan Minicon: 1981 – Part Two

51:42 The Other Stars of the Show- the Podsterons! Plus a surprise...

57:25 Chris Dale, Marina, and the Randomiserium!

01:33:05 Wrapping things up

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