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Christian CEO Podcast with Kelly Baader - Kelly Baader EPISODE 55, 21st September 2018
Teach Children About Money | Debbie Todd
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Teach Children About Money | Debbie Todd

#55: THAT is Debbie Todd, a multi-certified in accounting and finance, a nationally published writer and has been a passionate financial literacy instructor for over 15 years.   God led her on this very interesting and divine journey to partner up with Phyllis Matson to educate young children and parents about money by using puppet theater.

In her own words:

“The most common financial regret I have heard in my 20 years as a CPA and financial educator is that parents wished they were more confident with their own money skills, so they could help their kids be money-smart too.

Unfortunately, the tragic reality is that money problems are cited as the single largest cause of crime, family stress, strife and breakups in the US -and extends globally”

And I love what she quoted her partner, Phyllis said: “Tomorrow's Philanthropists and World-Changers are sitting in booster seats today!  AND...Kids learn MOST of their money habits by AGE 7! “

Hello, Kelly here :)   Thank you so much for choosing to be here, I know your time is precious, I don’t take it lightly, I’d do my best to worthy of your investment.

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Key Lessons From This Episode:

  • Debbie’s journey from Corporate CPA to entrepreneur and now the expert in educating kids and families about money smarts.
  • Their plan to empower 1 million kids with solid money skills by 2020.

Official BIO for Phyllis and Debbie

Phyllis Matson

Founder and Lead Puppeteer

Ever since she was a little girl, Phyllis has loved the arts, dressing up and entertaining others.

Since 2010, Phyllis’s love of theatre, her passion for children and her unstoppable imagination have been thrilling children young and old with wholesome, uplifting and practical puppetry shows…and there’s still so much more to come…

Debbie Todd

CPA, CTP, CGMA, CFEI and Lead Puppeteer

Debbie’s passion to help families learn and grow in their financial knowledge is the perfect backdrop for teaching sound age-appropriate money skills to children – empowering them to build good spending and saving habits early in life, so they are better prepared to avoid the “money-madness roller coaster” that plagues so many families.

Simply stated, “Money Smarts” (and the peace of mind that comes with them) are truly a PRICELESS Gift!

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