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43. Best Practices For Dating Young Women with Wendy Zhang
Episode 4316th September 2020 • The Imperfect Pod • The Imperfect Pod
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As a follow-up episode to number 33 with Jordan Paris where I discuss dating from a young man's perspective, this episode is the same sort of questions from a young woman's perspective. Wendy Zhang is the host of My Terrible Twenties, a podcast all about navigating that crazy decade of our lives where we are confused and looking for who we want to be. She also, conveniently, went to high school with me!

On this episode we discuss some of the same topics that I discussed on the episode with Jordan like first date etiquette and being friends with an ex. We also talk about ways that girls like to be flirted with, hate to be flirted with, why dating apps can be such a struggle, daddy issues and why vulnerable and honest men are attractive. I hope you enjoy the episode!

You can connect with Wendy on Instagram @myterribletwenties! You can also connect with me on Instagram @theimperfectpod where you can reach out to me about ANYTHING! And if you enjoyed the episode, please subscribe, follow or review or shoot me a note.