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Peer 2 Peer Real Estate's Podcast - William Morales 6th January 2021
REDinNYC Interview Series: With The Founder of AO Design Lab Alla Permyakoff
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REDinNYC Interview Series: With The Founder of AO Design Lab Alla Permyakoff

About Alla Permyakoff

Architect by trade, graduated from Columbia University with MS degree in Construction Administration. Have a broad work experience in NY real estate industry: ground up residential and hospitality, reconstruction projects; before fully dedicating myself to AO Design Lab, I have been managing 2MM ft2 of commercial portfolio in Downtown, Manhattan.

Let's Thank REDinNYC's Sponsors.

  • Gold Sponsor Carlo Seneca from C&A Seneca Construction
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Other sponsors

  • Amit Persaud from View
  • Yahya Mushtaq from Ecosafety
  • Michael Zysman from City Bay Capital
  • Tarek Zhouri from Hydrotech Environmental
  • Shoka Mamedov from Remax 100
  • John Delafuente from Realestate Prints

On Today's Show Alla Talks About:

  • What is 3D technologies
  • How she got into 3D technology
  • What are the main 3D applications
  • Adapting a website platform to accommodate 3D content
  • What's next for AO Design Lab
  • How the pandemic affected business
  • How she met Selman
  • And much more.........

Links from the Interview

Thanks to Alla Permyakoff for being on today's REDinNYC Interview Series.

Thanks to Selman Yalcin for putting this event together.

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