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Essential Tips for Relocating to Ghana and Upcoming and new Ghanaian Youtubers, Content Creators and Entrepreneurs (Must Listen) | Ivy Prosper
Episode 155Bonus Episode5th January 2024 • The Sound of Accra Podcast • Adrian Daniels
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Content Creators, Entrepreneurs and YouTubers are flocking to Ghana and the African continent. Whilst more and more Ghanaian creators and Youtubers are popping up everywhere!

In this episode highlight, Ivy Prosper shares her early content creation efforts and involvement in promoting Ghana and Africa through digital media since 2011, which has led to her current day success.

The importance of sustainability and consistency in any pursuit is highlighted, as well as patience and consistency.

For those moving to Ghana, some golden tips are also given.

This is a must listen for content creators, youtubers and entrepreneurs with an interest in Ghana or Africa!

Some key quotes from Ivy Prosper:

The Power of Digital Media in Bridging the Gap: "I really believe that the power is in our hands, to tell our stories."

Moving to Ghana: "If you're looking to move to Ghana, I would say that you should plan. Mhmm. Firstly, why do you wanna move?"

The Power of Consistency: "It's important that you know that you have to just keep on pushing, keep putting your message out there. There's no such thing as an overnight success."

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