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Elevate.Together.Podcast. - Elevate Services EPISODE 20, 2nd February 2021
Eric Detterman – Productization and Machine Learning
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Eric Detterman – Productization and Machine Learning

Welcome to the first episode of the 'Inside the Engine Room' series on the Elevate.Together.Podcast.  Hosted by Elevate's Dan Katz, Vice President Data Science Innovation at Elevate.  

Dan's guest for this episode is Eric Detterman, Elevate's Vice President of Data Engineering and Solutions.  Dan and Eric focus their discussion on the business of law problem resolution.

[01:50]          Eric is an economist with a statistical background

[04:30]         Statistical models for prediction – quantitative trading

[09:15]          He joined LexPredict, to bring a focus to productization

[10:20]          Solving metered problems for a specific customer

[12:17]           How to decompose a product

[13:00]          How to build a product - with machine learning

[14:19]           Customers focus on workflow and the front-end interface

[15:28]          We focus on the engine room and building a sound foundation…