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E 10 | Strength And Conditioning For High School Baseball And Softball With Chris Bartl
Episode 1030th June 2020 • THIRST For More Podcast • Brandon Smitley | Terre Haute Intensity Resistance and Sports Training
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0:00 – Show Intro

3:29 – Podcast begins

4:54 – How Chris got into strength and conditioning

9:25 – How Chris approaches training athletes

22:41 – Lower body training philosophy for baseball/softball athletes

30:08 – Metrics to determine a strong baseball player

34:46 – How Chris uses his progression and regression model with his athletes

44:50 – The similarities between training adults and athletes

52:40 – How Chris approaches his athletes from a nutrition standpoint

1:01:43 – Communicating the value of academics in athletics

1:10:24 – Embracing the meathead stigma we get as strength coaches

1:17:34 – The value of safety and lessons learned in the weigh room via accountability

1:20:12 – What Chris recommends to get involved in high school strength and conditioning

1:27:30 – Chris's recommendations for baseball and softball coaches for continuing education

About Chris Bartl

Instagram: @chrisbartlead

Chris Bartl is the Head Strength & Conditioning Coach at Mt. Baker High School in Deming, WA. He is also the owner and Co-Founder of Elite Athlete Development, where he consults with various high school sports programs to help with their strength and conditioning programs, as well as the owner of Bartl Strength & Conditioning, an online training business dedicated to helping working adults ages 35-50 keep the belly fat off, develop nutritional habits that fit with their ideal lifestyle and basically kick ass at life.

He has been a personal trainer for over 11 years and has worked with hundreds of different clients, ranging from 9-year old athletes, to 65-year olds battling cancer and everyone in between