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Denise Galloni – Overcoming Obstacles to Find Your Voice
Episode 297th November 2022 • Becoming Preferred • Michael Vickers
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Episode Overview:

If you're currently a leader in your organization or want to be a leader or a business owner, developing your leadership skills and focusing on what is important and how to prosper is always a priority. 

My guest, author, speaker, and corporate consultant, Denise Galloni, is here to talk about how to find your voice, and the five keys to lead and empower others.

Guest Bio: 

Denise Galloni started her own training consulting company called DG Training Solutions, Inc. Her company specializes in: Instructional Design, Facilitation, Instructor Led Training, Evaluations, and more. Denise has previous experience in the following industries: Healthcare (including EHR), Direct Sales, Retail, Non-Profit, Utility and Finance (including banking). 

She is honored to be the creator, producer and host of a television show currently on BPTV called Empowering Women. In this show, Denise interviews women that share relative and important information to the audience to help empower and inspire them.

As the Education Representative for Advantage Credit Counseling, Denise was the instructor for over 175 financial management classes taught in 5 different counties. She conducted over 40 financial presentations for local non-profit organizations and assisted dislocated workers from over 12 companies through the agency's Surviving Unemployment presentation.

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Insight Gold Timestamps:

06:47 The problem does stem from communication 

08:00 V is for Vision

11:40 How do you create a vision?

13:11 O is for Overcoming Obstacles

16:44 I is for Inspire

19:44 Why should I do this?

23:06 C is for Confidence

28:52 Negative language and negative self-talk

33:03 E is for Enthusiasm

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