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Why a Brazilian Couple Bought a Big Purple Truck – With Anny Scarabelli of PurpleBol.Com | Episode 046
Episode 465th July 2022 • Sarasota Stories • Bob Williams
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Often people fantasize about owning their own restaurant. However, given the high failure rate how do you ease into the restaurant business to test your idea without the large financial outlays?

You start of Food truck of course!

My guest today is Anny Scarabelli of Two years ago she and her husband, Warley realized their dream of starting a food truck business that sells the healthiest food around.

In this episode, Anny will share ...

  • One thing most people don’t know about Anny
  • Why she and her husband choose a food truck business
  • What’s so special about acai
  • What’s been most surprising about starting type of business
  • What's been the most challenging part
  • Where does she want to take this business
  • Where you can find Anny and Purple Bol

... and much much more!

Thank you for joining us today. It is my hope that you will listen, learn and connect!






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