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Opportunity and Preparation with Daniel Griggs
Episode 156th January 2021 • Life Beyond the Game • Joe Hawley
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This week we have Daniel Griggs on the show!

Daniel Griggs is the founder and CEO of ATX The Brand, a tech agency based in Austin, Texas and Miami, Florida, that provides the blueprint necessary for companies to shift from idea to action. His clients range from funded startups, franchises, and corporate and fortune companies looking to enhance or expand their product line. Beginning in 2015, Daniel has built and grown ATX The Brand and six other web-based companies, using the skills he developed in life and as an athlete: drive, leadership, collaboration and mental toughness.

In conjunction with his development company, ATX Web Designs, ATX The Brand also has an internal portfolio of softwares and mobile apps that are created to improve communities and disrupt industries.

Daniel had an unconventional journey into entrepreneurship. As a former professional football player and Golden Gloves boxing champion, Daniel feels that his sport and athletic background plays a huge part in his success as a business owner. His leadership qualities, work ethic and ability to adjust has allowed him to transition to what he calls the sport of business.

For the past five years, Daniel’s focus has been on creating digital solutions for general problems. Over the next five years, his goal is to expand his social impact with a focus on vulnerable and underserved communities.

In this episode, we discussed:

  • What Daniel is currently doing and the mission behind his tech company, The Brand
  • Daniel’s early athletics and collegiate experience with football and track
  • How weaknesses can be turned into strength 
  • Daniel’s initial dream of playing in the NFL his senior year of college
  • Incredible persistence reaching out to NFL teams and working on his game
  • Daniel’s one shot to make an NFL roster and how he failed to prepare adequately
  • The aftermath, knowing he had missed his chance to realize his dream 
  • Finding purpose and identity outside of football
  • The power of the “beginner’s mind”
  • Advice for athletes transitioning out of sports

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