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96: Discover Your Zone of Genius
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96: Discover Your Zone of Genius

I went through an emotional breakdown.┬á­čś×

It felt like I was building a business on quicksand.
Working tirelessly to keep it afloat.

I felt heavy, exhausted and drained.
Waiting for each day to end.

Started to doubt myself and my abilities.
Thinking I was an imposter.

And then with the help of a friend I realised that I was operating outside my zone of genius.

It was like I woke up from a bad dream. I felt renewed, invigorated. I felt alive again!

When i’m in my zone of genius it doesn’t feel like work.
It feels like play.

It almost feels like I shouldn’t get paid for doing this.
I feel empowered and alive.

My zone of genius is educating, inspiring and empowering others to become greater versions of themselves.

To help them uncover their unique value they bring to the world.

To help them become so magnetically attractive that people are lining up to work with them.

To help them get in front of thousands of ideal clients while having a ton of fun.

What’s YOUR zone of genius?

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