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RESS 10: How To Win The Real Estate Game with Briana Gapp
21st March 2016 • The Higher Self with Danny Morel • Danny Morel
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This is a special episode of the Real Estate Sales show.

This week you will meet Briana Gapp, 4 years in the business who will close over 50 deals this year.

She has been able to double her business every single year since she started in 2012.

This woman is driven and super focused, she know what she wants, she believes she can do it and is willing to do the daily work required to reach every single one of her goals.

How does she do it?

Listen to this episode and discover the following:

How to Develop The I CAN do anything Attitude.

How to increase the amount of contacts you make per hour.

The importance of know what to say and how to say it.

The exact expired system she uses.

Where to begin as a new agent.

The Daily Routine she follows everyday to reach her goals.

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