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Your London Legacy - Steve Lazarus • The London Podcaster EPISODE 49, 24th June 2019
Dennis ‘The Menace’ Wahome Is Boxing His Way To The Top, Despite Heartbreak & Extreme Responsibilities Thrust On Him As A Young Man

Dennis ‘The Menace’ Wahome Is Boxing His Way To The Top, Despite Heartbreak & Extreme Responsibilities Thrust On Him As A Young Man

Dennis ‘The Menace’ Wahome came over to London from Kenya as a young boy. At school he loved maths and science and had no real interest in sport, before taking up Olympic Tae Kwando which he needed to as he used to ‘bump into the wrong sort of people’’ in the wrong London post codes.

This led to Dennis representing England and GB at various competitions until the rules changed and he felt the sport got a bit ‘basic’ and soft. Eventually he took up boxing, but when studying at Uni, his world suddenly changed when him Mum unexpectedly passed away. Dennis packed up Uni as his mind was no longer in it and he took responsibility for looking after his sisters. Dennis was later introduced to our good friend Xavier Miller; boxing coach at IQ Boxing Neasden. After a successful amateur career, he turned pro as a lightweight in 2017, with a record of 5 wins from 5.

Managed and promoted by the renowned Goodwin Boxing stable, his next bout is a 6 rounder at York Hall 29th June. Dennis is an impressive young man so get along to see this charming, determined boxer on his rise to the top.

“I don’t really enjoy fighting just to fight—I don’t really like inflicting pain on someone just because.”


Boxing wasn’t something Dennis dreamed of doing. Olympic Tae Kwando was more Dennis’ thing early on in his fighting journey and he did compete internationally. The sport changed though as the chest guards changed to electronic sensors, which made fighters adapt their style to be more basic in Dennis’ point of view. As he left Tae Kwando he wanted to do something that utilized his upper body instead of just his legs. Then one day he decided to visit a boxing club near his house and ended up finding a coach that encouraged him to keep coming back. He was just training to work out at first—but the coaches there kept pushing him to spar. Dennis entered the ring slowly, but once he was in the sport stuck to his glove.

“I don’t believe fighting is for everyone. Even some of the fighters that are still fighting—it’s not for them…no disrespect to anyone that gets in that ring, because I know what it takes to put on those gloves and go out there.”


Dennis’ coaches, including Xavier Miller, continued to push him further and further into the sport, and he faced a lot of very challenging fighters. He found that he performed better against the tougher fighters, when there was an element of threat or danger to his bouts. Performing under pressure is where he feels he can really showcase his skills. As the competition goes up, the more control and focus Dennis feels he’s able to possess. So after talking to Xavier, Dennis applied to go pro, put in his application, and only realized he had actually made it as he stepped into the ring for his debut fight and saw everyone there. It’s a completely different atmosphere and comes with its own added responsibilities to draw spectators to your fights, but Dennis has shown with his 5 for 5 streak, and his charisma, that he’s ready to keep stepping up through the ropes.

Some of his pre-fight rituals include stretching the night before, and he prays the night before as well as before the fight—and he also comes out into the ring with his son.

You can see Dennis next fight at York Hall 29th June where he’ll be up against Michael Horabin and find tickets at: www.goodwinboxing.co.uk/events/post/knockout/


Twitter: @TheRealDWahome

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