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Champion Influencer - Champion Influencer 24th July 2019
012: Mistakes You Must Avoid While Working With Brands | Jessica McAlister
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012: Mistakes You Must Avoid While Working With Brands | Jessica McAlister

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Let me be clear, if you’re interested in landing more paid collaborations with brands (and agencies) that you’ve worked for in the past, then this episode is a must-listen!

This is a much-needed episode for all social media influencers who are currently working with brands, and definitely for those who have been collaborating with brands for only a few years now.

We all need to know how to work with brands in a way that’s going to help us succeed in the future. And, Jessica lets us know the inside scoop of what not to do when working with brands and what to do.

Jessica McAlister is the owner of a successful talent agency out in Los Angeles, CA where she’s had the pleasure of working with both brands and influencers to carry out campaigns, which has taught her a lot given the experience she’s had working on both sides of the fence.

Learn what makes you attractive to brands & agencies to where they can’t wait to work with you again and pay you, even more, the next time around. This episode is a great opportunity to increase your income as an influencer and live your dream as a social media influencer, blogger or whatever you like to call yourself! 🙂

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