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Health Coach Sarah Clark | Host of the Get Pregnant Naturally Podcast | Author of Fabulously Fertile
18th November 2019 • GREEN Organic Garden Podcast • Jackie Marie Beyer
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Interview 289 with Health Coach Sarah Clark | Author of Fabulously Fertile + Host of Get Pregnant Naturally Podcast

Thursday May 2, 2019

I have another podcaster on the line we are going to talk about eating healthy today. The Get Pregnant Naturally Podcast.

Thanks for being on the show today. This is something that touches me personally, because Mike and I never had kids. I always tell people if I would have had my iPod touch when I was trying to get pregnant I’m sure we would have had kids. But anyway tech has come so far so I’m glad you have some solutions for people!

Tell people about your podcast and business.

I help couples who are struggling with infertility. I had my own struggle I was diagnosed with premature ovarian failure at the age of 28 and that is the loss of function of the ovaries before the age of 40.

For me I had these weird health systems

  • cycles were irregular
  • urinary tract infections
  • acne in early 20s
  • cycles were irregular

I got married at 25 kids at 28 my cycles were still irregular so I went to my OBGYN and that’s when I was diagnosed with premature ovarian failure. I remember her reaching up for the packet to the IBF clinic and off I went.

Basically being told that my only option was to have donor eggs. I never looked back to any of the health systems I was dealing with.

So I went straight to the clinic and got a list and I got a donor egg and had my daughter. She is 17! So this is the back in the day you say donor eggs and people are like IDK what you are talking about.

Now with western lifestyle people are having effects.

I was wanting to have kids close together, I was super stressed, I went in and those embryos failed. On the second list with another donor I was lucky enough to have my son will fresh transfer he’s 14.

After that my health took a nosedive, after I had my daughter, I took antibiotics for every sinus infections. I ended up

  • gut
  • vertigo
  • toenail infections
  • dandruff
  • chronic bladder infections
  • peeing blood
  • yeast infections
  • sinus infections just wouldn’t go away

I was in HR at the time, I wanting to bring life coaching into the corporate environment. I took a life coaching course.

Health and wellness

That’s where I discovered I had these food sensitivities

  • I found out I was intolerant to diary and gluten
  • low and behold by making lifestyle changes
  • bladder infections went away
  • sinus infections
  • skin became clear
  • stool test a little while after that, so then I healed the gut

For me, I didn’t discover this to be 40

if you are cycling naturally for me food and diet are the key to everything.

I love to hear that, my show is all about growing healthy food, I am more the organic eater and we have that in common because it sounds like we were saying in the prechat  your husband is more the gardener too.

for our couples that we coach

elimination diet

Take out top allergens

  • dairy
  • gluten
  • corn
  • soy
  • peanuts and
  • eggs

Take them out for 10 days.

you can do anything for ten days then you systematically introduce them. You don’t go out and have a pizza.

then this is the important part, this is the gold standard to see how food impacts their body.

First you bring in corn which

part of the body

corn can flare up the asthma

talk about a lot on your podcast, it’s the most GMO and sprayed with glyphosate. A lot of people have issues with corn.

Can we back up a minute, People complain about corn, people don’t realize corn syrup is in like everything

Over 60-70% are tolerant to dairy.

high fructose is in everything, I have found corn starch in orange juice. What is it doing there? It’s a filler.

I think dairy and gluten are becoming a lot more mainstream but still even in my circles of people, maybe not as much, I did a whole rack of people who were doing KETO.

I was talking to a lot of people and the amount of people doing KETO there was the paleo crazy and now KETO.

Keto can be right for some people so we do the elimination diet

feel dairy

feel sinus

feel fleghmy

digestive issues

impacts its digestion

  • gas
  • burping
  • mood
  • adhd
  • depression
  • anxiety
  • stiff joints
  • arthritis
  • acne
  • eczema
  • rosacea
  • dermatitis
  • auto immune
  • function thyroid
  • thyroid dysfunction

The food piece is huge because we are in the middle of this experiment

we recommend everyone going organic because we are in the middle of this food experiment as we use glyphosate on everything

herbicides and pesticides


it used to be 60-40% impacting fertility and now it’s 50%50%

What about all these other symptoms.

Look at all the other diagnosis and symptoms were all facing. I’m hearing all sorts of symptoms it affects other people.

a lot of times

  • this infertility diagnosis
  • premature
  • especially with unexplained infertility

People usually look at food last but it should be what are you placing on your fork everyday

if you have a food sensitivity

hormonal birth control

a lot of people were on the pill for years which can impacts gut health. You can eat this beautiful diet and if you are not absorbing it effectively.

food sensitivities

gut infections

work with people

looks at DNA in stool

the majority of people are coming back with gut infections multiple parasites

yeast infections again it’s the health of the gut

what predisposed you, was it the environmental toxins, was it the pill, high use of antibiotics?

I was peeing blood and then I changed my diet and made these lifestyle changes as well

food is the most important thing to start with the elimination diet to see how food impacts your body so you will know exactly. Sometimes we think we have this digestive issue or

skin issue or we’re just an irritable person

When we take this food out we take the inflammation out of our body and start o feel improvements. that’s causing how it’s impacting us

Didn’t I hear on an episode of your show that or a blog post that walks you through how todo the elimination diet step by step.

Totally. It released the middle of may

how and why to do the elimination diet we go through the exact steps.

We recommend going 100% organic during this time

I’m sure you maybe talked about this what the dirty dozen. If it’s cost prohibitive that at least the foods from the Environmental working group, I think strawberries there were over 75 pesticides on strawberries. Click here for the clean 15. Never get conventionally grown strawberries their like grown with so many pesticides.

I did talk about the dirty dozen and the next ones are like spinach and kale. I found that at school at the salad bar I would pick strawberries almost every day. Especially I wills and there in the store for like ten minutes going back and forth, I should buy these their healthy fruit and I never eat fruit, and then I’m like I shouldn’t buy these because they are wrapped in plastic.

My husband always says I should wash them with vinegar I think.

tap water

It’s not about perfection


filled have water that is

chlorine floride


water filter

tastes awesome

why do I feel so parched?

I have interviewed a few doctors, I think the challenge I have is the food is not being absorbed well. I need to figure out my gut health. Yesterday I was talking to this fitness coach, and I was telling him I always conk out at mile 10, and he was saying if I just learn what my body needs, and to eat something every 20 minutes while I’m training, a fitness bar, gatorade, gel pack or what.

I have never ever thought when running a marathon that it would be my nutrition I always thought it was just not training enough running far enough etc. So the value of nutrition is just great because he told me that would make all the difference.

I have 2 more quick quesitons. Your in canada? In toronto. You get local food all year long.



I guess they are importing some of the oranges




dry and wash your produce


organic box delivered weekly

farms in your local area

customize the box

surprise to what I get

organic food


may 2nd

cucumbers tomatoes


importing from oranges





most of the stuff s we get into the growing season

micro greens



basil plant will come in the box


I’m glad you said you get a box, a lot of my listeners might be interested in filling your box! A lot of my listeners are interested in growing for market. We are focused on the same things for the same reasons, I love to eat organic food and veggies all the time. I love our fruit like our raspberries. I do find fruit is messy, but that’s my weirdness. I like to hear about those things. Even if they have extra produce. If I go out of my way to share this, kale is one of them, I think it’s #2 or #3 on that list of dirty dozen an I think it grows well.

i also get a local meat box

it’s your health if your health is impacted


people with fertility


straight to the fertility clinic

60k dollars

elimination diet

lifestyle changes

going on in our body

some people

go that way

if you can’t conceive

food is a really good place to start

foundational pillars



environmental toxins


IDK I have them I literally feel


tools of functional medicine


catching it before it goes

blood canisters review

and so a lot of times we find out there’s a gut infection going on with the man

hight sensitivity to gluten


equally as important

doesn’t want to procreate

highly sensitive to gluten

cross reactors

avoid oats

even gluten free oats

risk of contamination

body is having a reaction to that

they can be intolerant to dairy

cross reactor



lactose intolerant


take out dairy and gluten

highly sensitive to

sandwich with bread

crumbs can cause inflammation

weeks to months to reset itself

food sensitivity thing to look into

switch everything to organic

eliminations diet

allows you to see your body reacts to food

xyz   that i had on Friday

never really know

skin issues


food that we had there

come to us

have an intolerance to eggs


more intolerant to the whites to eggs

food sensitivity test

leap MRT

foods and chemicals