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Tony's Journey Of Change
Episode 2921st May 2023 • Anger Secrets • Alastair Duhs
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Today I'm joined by Tony, a brave man who talked with me just a few weeks after starting my comprehensive online anger management course, The Complete Anger Management System.

I knew Tony from our weekly group coaching calls. What impressed me most about him was his courage to reflect on the effect of his anger on his wife. Many men and women I see are not able to do this. Instead, they minimise their actions or encourage their partner to move on and get over it.

Tony, however, was brave enough to see his behaviour for what it was. As he states in his interview, this was not easy, but it is an essential step to help any couple recover from the effects of past anger, abuse or violence.

I am sharing Tony's story as it takes courage to reflect on yourself and take action to control your anger.

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I look forward to helping you control your anger once and for all.