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285 : Mike Rezendes – Reezy Resells Resets Book Business Model and expanding your Amazon Merch account
12th March 2018 • eCommerce Momentum Podcast • eCommerce Momentum Podcast
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When it comes to busy no one beats Reezy! He is everywhere at all times giving everything he has and leaves nothing on the table. I really enjoyed the discussion regarding changes necessary in the book business that can be blessings in disguise. He sees the opportunity where others see doom. Remember those are the guys that made it big in the stock market or real estate crashes in the past. They bought, they were optimistic. So curl up and do nothing or look the changes head on and adapt, pivot and come out even stronger.


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Transcript: (note- this is a new tool I am trying out so it is not perfect- it does seem to be getting better)

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Cool voice guy:                  [00:04:39]               Welcome to the e-commerce momentum podcast where we focus on the people, the products, and the process of e-commerce selling. Today. Here’s your host, Steven Peterson.

Stephen:                             [00:04:53]               Welcome back to the e-commerce momentum podcast. This is episode 200 and eighty five percent is reezy resells man. Oh man, I am pumped. I just. The more I talked to this guy, I mean I’ve gotten to meet him in person a couple times, but he just. There’s something, his vibe, he’s just, he just emits such a positive can do attitude. There’s nothing stopping them. There’s no excuses. I’m gonna adapt. I’m going to overcome. I’m going to succeed at all costs and man, Oh man, what a great. A great story. Great Guy, and I am just so pumped and we really address these big changes in Amazon book specifically to books because he’s a big book seller to and really I think he does a great job explaining it in his analysis and others that he’s talked to and brings it all together and I think we end up at a really cool place and the world is not ending. There are other options. Let’s get into the podcast. All right. Welcome back to the e-commerce momentum podcast. Very, very excited about today’s guest because we have a celebrity amongst us, truly somebody who has embraced who he is, is never going to apologize for who he is. I don’t know if that defines him. It clearly has sculpted him. I think that’s the right word. Microsoft does. Reezy resells. Welcome Michael.

Reezy:                                  [00:06:19]               Hey, what’s up steven? I’m not. I’m not a celebrity. You have definitely created a following, you know, let’s, let’s speak, let’s call it what it is. I know you’re embarrassed by this, but people connect to your story. They do because you know, I mean, life’s hard. I just did a talk in Canada about personal branding and the whole talk was about about your story, not your product, right? Because people connect with stories, so I understand that, but I like to tell people I’m just the guy who spends way too much time on the Internet.

Stephen:                             [00:06:52]               You do, so this is the second time you’ve been on your episode number 16. I had to go back and look number 69. A little over two years ago.

Reezy:                                  [00:07:01]               Crazy. Just makes me feel old or feeling will appreciate this. I’ve got socks older than you. There’s a funny story. Kelly sends me a note and he’s like, Steve, did you like the socks? I’m like, what are you talking about? He goes,

Stephen:                             [00:07:18]               you had mentioned on one or 10 or 15 of your podcast. I have socks older than somebody that’s a silly reference I use. He mailed me socks. I’m like, dude, I get so many packages. I never noticed this terrible. I feel terrible. So I do have socks older than you. I could use more socks. Somebody wants to sell me stuff, send me more socks even though I sell. So I should be careful with that. Um, so, so back then were, I mean you were, you were selling multiple things, but you were a bookseller. I mean you had scaled a successful book business unit partner. Ah, you had multiple locations. You were really, really, you know, building a groups of books together, bundling your own bundles and really having success with it. And that was a couple of years ago and you were selling sneakers and stuff like that too.

Stephen:                             [00:08:06]               But right now I think your business has evolved a little bit, but I had to have you back on because of the big changes that are going on in Amazon. So why don’t we do this? Let’s catch up to where we are in where you were selling up until a couple of weeks ago, what’s going on in your life. And then I specifically want to talk to you related to books and then other merchandise because I know you sold that to related to these material changes because these are big changes, right? These are, these are, I call it a pivot point. This is a pivot point in your business in most people’s business.

Reezy:                                  [00:08:40]               So a lot of stuff is exactly the same. I was just getting into shoes on episode 69 two years later. Now I sell much more shoes. Um, I buy, I’d probably buy like about a hundred pairs of shoes week minimum as, as much as 200 pairs. And I still do books, but not as much as I did before we lost one of our book locations. We just lost supply. Um, it just, we just can’t get it anymore

Stephen:                             [00:09:11]               to demand change

Reezy:                                  [00:09:14]               I think. I think demand is really similar. I just think that there’s, there’s more competition and what will go into more about the, um, it’s more, uh, the, the booksellers are cannibalizing each other due to the pricing, right? So, and that’s because of what we’re going to talk about in a minute with Amazon’s fees. And stuff. So I’m still selling books, still operating in three locations, selling much more shoes and now I do a lot of online arbitrage using tactical arbitrage and more retail arbitrage. And then I did at that time. Um, but pretty much it’s the same. I’m admittedly heavily distracted from my business because of what we’ve talked about before the call just being. So I’m having Shiny Object Syndrome wanting to do, do I start wholesale? Do I start private label will let me do this and this. And I do a lot of merchant by Amazon. So I’m, I’m in tier 1000 on Merch by Amazon, have 800 shirts listed. I probably sell between like five and 10 a day. Right now I’m my best day. I sold over 30 shirts in one day. So I’m still learning that process. Um, fortunately I have a designer for that and I have recently hired an uploader. So that is, you know, that was taking me one to two hours a day every single day. And so that getting off my plate is like a huge, a relief.

Stephen:                             [00:10:40]               And now I can go past that because that’s a good point. I haven’t had anybody talk about that. So you had a point in your business, something that you kind of enjoyed and you got into it and it was going well and clearly you’ve done well with it. But now it’s gotten to the point. It’s pretty large. Pretty significant. So you outsource the design. I don’t know if he ever. Did the design yourself or did you. Did you always outsourced

Reezy:                                  [00:11:04]               period of time? I did simple like text-based designs myself, but I’m not skilled so I wouldn’t have to look every, every time I want him to do anything I would have to look up on Google how to do this in photoshop

Stephen:                             [00:11:15]               and that’s just time suck. And if that’s not your thing. And there’s some people that just comes natural and they love that. That’s their lane. And so you outsource that. Very smart. The uploader. I’ve had an uploader for a long time. So tell me what was the pivot point for you to do that? What does it roughly costs, if you don’t mind, and then what time you saved? Again, just so we can qualify and quantify.

Reezy:                                  [00:11:37]               So, um, another thing that I neglected to mention is between episode 69 and now my wife started going back to school full time and um, and, and we don’t vaccinate our children and California passed the and the no vaccination public school rule, so we were forced into, which actually we like a lot now homeschooling my, my now six year old daughter, so my wife goes to school five days a week and I’m home with my six year old and we do homeschooling five days a week. So my time is, is super at a premium, right. I only have like one day a week where I can go out of town to source stuff and that’s, you know, that’s at the cost of, of uh, not hanging out with my wife while she’s home for the weekend.

Reezy:                                  [00:12:24]               Right, exactly. I would have to take one of them and go out of town and my daughter also has, you know, thankful to somewhat of the success I’ve had. My daughter is able to. Do, you know, what kinds of activities, gymnastics, art class. I’m just tons of different skills, like an activity every single day, ballet, tap and jazz, all kinds of stuff. Right. And so my schedule was kind of based around that and um, the merchant by Amazon was becoming, you know, now I can do 50 uploads a day. I’m soon to be put into the tier 2000, which is 100 uploads a day in 50 uploads a day, was taking me one to two hours a day to upload depending on, you know, did I have 50 really similar shirts in the same niche or did I have, you know, 10 of these, 10 of those, you know, that takes longer if they’re different.

Reezy:                                  [00:13:11]               Right. And so I just found myself many nights I would be tired and I wouldn’t be at the computer racing the clock, you know, from [11:00] PM after everyone went to bed to midnight trying to get, you know, trying to get my uploads in before the clock turned over because Amazon runs on California time. And um, it just became too stressful. Um, and I think I’m finally at that point in my life where I realized that I’m like, look, I want to grow, I don’t want to work for my business, I want it to work for me. I don’t want to service my business, I want it to service me. And so one to two hours, I don’t have too many hours. I might have only, you know, for two to eight hours a day that I can actually be productive. And that’s way too much of it for me to be using, you know, 12 to 25 percent of it to, to get one certain tasks done.

Reezy:                                  [00:14:02]               So good way to look at what I’m paying right now for my uploader. I pay, um, I have a Venezuelan va that I got um, as a, from a referral from my graphic designer who’s also Venezuelan. It’s her friend and I’m paying her $52 and fifty cents American and the hour to upload shirts. And she’s only on day like this is the first week that I hired are Steven and um, she’s only on day four or five and it’s taking her. It took her four hours the first day to upload [inaudible] designs, which is not that, that’s still only [inaudible] sense of design and the next two days after that, it only took her two hours to upload design. So two hours is only ten cents a design, which I’m pretty ecstatic about. If she gets even faster, it’ll be less than that. But

Stephen:                             [00:14:54]               for, since the way you’re describing it, so you broke it down into a true variable cost, right? I mean, in theory, right? I mean, it’s a real variable cost. When you scale to the next level, you can have a plan. I mean, to me it’s a genius move. I mean, it’s exactly the right way to do it and you’ve got to a point where it was painful, so it kind of forced you to do it. You had to make a decision.

Reezy:                                  [00:15:15]               That’s honestly, that’s how I work because I am, I’m the world’s worst planner. I’m the world’s worst scheduler. I’m always like five minutes late for anything and I just, I don’t know if that’s because how I grew up coastal California or whatever, but um, I never, I’m, I’m just a creature. I’m like,...