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The Content 10x Audiobook is Here: How to Repurpose an Audiobook into a Podcast Episode
Episode 11312th December 2019 • The Content 10x Podcast • Amy Woods
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I’m excited to announce that the audiobook version of my book, Content 10x: More Content, Less Time, Maximum Results is out now! You can get it on Amazon, Audible and Apple!

Of course, being a little obsessed with content repurposing, I couldn’t just write a book, convert it into an audiobook and leave it at that…not when I’m a podcaster.  So, in true Content 10x spirit, I decided to repurpose my audiobook (or at least a chapter of it) into an episode of the podcast! Hit play and listen to Chapter 1 of my audiobook for free.

Listen in to hear:

  • How content repurposing can help maximize the potential of every piece of content you create
  • Unearthing the true meaning of content and content marketing
  • Creative ways you can repurpose your content
  • Indisputable reasons why you owe it to yourself, your content, and your audience to repurpose
  • A few real-life examples of content repurposing done right

If you want to find out more, click here.