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Kira Wetzel On Teaching Girls About the Wonders of Data
15th November 2017 • Data Driven • Data Driven
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Frank and Andy talk with Kira Wetzel about girls+data, running, Harry Potter, and the stream of consciousness.


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Notable Quotes

Frank’s home improvement ([2:15])
Kira’s LinkedIn profile ([4:00])
Girls and Data ([4:30])
Data Point: Girls and Data at SQL Saturday Charlotte ([5:12])
Tableau ([6:00])
“Say a Prayer” ([9:30])
Tourist-y stuff ([12:00])
“Quaint” ([13:00])
“Data found me.” ([13:30])
TI-99, Q*bert, and BurgerTime ([16:40])
Girls and Data ([18:45])
“Try your vegetables” ([22:00])
Andy is right here… ([22:15])
Shoutout to SQL Cruise (Now Tech Outbound)! ([26:15])
Richmond SQL Saturday is 24 Mar 2018 ([29:00])
Running, sleeping, and eating ([30:30])
Girls on the Run ([31:20])
Technology is literally changing the world everywhere you look. ([32:05])
VR Vacations ([33:55])
A stealthy Microsoft Store visit… ([35:45])
Running calms the mind. ([38:15])
@girlsanddata ([39:00])
Stream of Consciousness and the Harry Potter question, again ([41:00])
Kira listens to Data Driven ([42:45])
Is “novitiate” the name of a young wizard? ([44:00])




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