Podpage Creator Brenden Mulligan
Episode 2630th June 2020 • Podcast Me Anything • The Podcast Consultant
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If having a podcast is a big piece of what you’re doing right now but you are struggling with the website because it’s cumbersome, you just don’t have time to build it, or you do have a website but are tired of all the steps involved with publishing your podcast, check out Podpage.com. Podpage allows you to create an instant podcast website that is easy to create and easy to maintain.

The creator of Podpage.com, Brenden Mulligan joins me today to talk about how he got started in this industry, why he built this service, what the main features are and what’s in the works.

We are shifting Podcast Me Anything over to a podpage, the domain may not be working just yet, but you can check out our live site at https://www.podpage.com/site/podcast-me-anything/