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362 : Dallas Moore – Recognize the trends to take advantage in today’s markets
6th December 2018 • eCommerce Momentum Podcast • eCommerce Momentum Podcast
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It might seem like Dallas can see the future if you didn’t know the effort he has put in. See learning is continual. Or it should be if you want to master a discipline. Once mastered then you see the trends and can plan accordingly.


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Transcript: (note- this is a new tool I am trying out so it is not perfect- it does seem to be getting better)

Dallas:                                   [00:00]                     Focus is better, you know, where before it was, you’re really just literally trying to find as much stuff to run through the system and now I’m really trying to pick the best stuff that I can make the most money on and most profit on and you know, luckily we’ve been good with our money and we’ve been able to save a lot for the last four or five years when we were really just running processes and you know, doing the Amazon and Ebay and selling on etsy and you know, doing all that type of stuff where we’ve paid off. We don’t have a lot of debt. So moving here into the, you know, into our small office we’ve got here and then building the barn back behind our house, you know, our debt, our debt loads a lot lower than it was when we had a shop and employees and everything else. So being cognizant of that and knowing what I have to work with really helps me focus on what I’m trying to do. Sure.

Cool voice guy:                  [01:02]                     Welcome to the ecommerce momentum podcast where we focus on the people, the products, and the process of ecommerce. Selling today, here’s your host, Steven Peterson.

Stephen:                             [01:16]                     He wanted to talk a few moments about some sponsors scope from sellerlabs. Um, when’s the last time you created a listing? Right? And when you create that listing, you’ve got to come up with the keywords, right? It’s all key word dependent. I don’t care if it’s a private label or wholesale. You’ve got to get it right. Well, what’s the best way to get it right? And if you’re selling a similar product that’s really successful, you go and you take and use their keywords and that’s what scope does for you. So phenomenal tool brought to you by seller labs. The leaders in technology when it comes to Amazon, right now, they are just crushing it with all their products, but scope allows you to get that listing right. Get ranked for those key words as fast as possible. Therefore you get the sales. So go to, forward slash scope.

Stephen:                             [02:05]                     Use the code word momentum. Save a little bit of money, get some free key words to test, try it out and see if you see an improvement. If you don’t adjust, what’s cool about what I love about a seller labs is that you then message and say, Hey, I didn’t get this right tyler, hey jeff, this isn’t working right. What am I doing wrong? And Boom, you’re going to get the help you need and that’s what you’re going to get from seller Lamson. And it’s a very special group that had been very. I’ve been very fortunate to be connected with them. And again, I look over time they’ve delivered every single time, you know, same thing I can say for Karen from solutions for ecommerce. I mean, she’s been carrying my account for a couple of years now, um, and our account, my wife and I, and she really does handle things for us.

Stephen:                             [02:46]                     Um, I mentioned, uh, just last week we created a new listing with, I forget how many variations, but again, all the flat files uploaded done as I needed. I pop in, so she’ll send me a template, I pop in some information and then boom, it’s handled, await. These pictures weren’t done right, blah, blah, blah. This upc needed poem modified, adjusted. And again, the communication’s been phenomenal too. I get an email back saying, hey, this was done or this, you’re missing this, Steve. Hey, you got to do this. So, you know, we have those challenges too. And that’s why I like working with somebody who’s been doing it. I’ve been doing it for a long time to do, you know Karen also does listings for Ebay. Yep. Lots of them. So if you want to build out that channel, which of course you should, it’s q four. You should be selling everywhere.

Stephen:                             [03:30]                     You can, um, Karen can help you with that too. So you gotTa tell her I’ve sent you. So you’re going to go to solutions four ecommerce forward slash momentum. You’re going to save 50 bucks every single month. You’re going to save that $50. But more importantly you’re going to get an inventory health report. Um, did you just get hit with monthly longterm storage fees? Well guess what? If you haven’t, they’re coming. You want them to get that inventory right? And she can help you with that. You gotta tell her I sent you again solutions, the number for ecommerce forward slash momentum will get you into that. Save the 50 bucks, get that inventory health report though. That’s really, really important. Get that going right away and I don’t want to miss my coach when it comes to retail arb or online or what? I have a question and I do not that we don’t, we don’t really do much of it anymore, but when I do have a question, I go to Gaye Lisby because why?

Stephen:                             [04:16]                     Because she’s really. She is a coach. I mean, she’s really phenomenal, but you also puts out a daily list and you’re going to get that list five days a week. You’re going to get tons of leads, the number of, uh, agreed to amount that you’re supposed to get. She least, she usually gets to those in the four days. And then the fifth day seems to be a bonus most of the time. Phenomenal Group, small amount of buyers where this list is going to end. The best thing is the nuggets that you learn. Hey, why is the red one better than the blue? One? Gaye can help you with those questions. I saw. Hey, I got a. I got to the dreaded letter about a brand. Here’s the, here’s the way you approach it. Hey, receipts. Um, how do you, what’s the best practice? I saw her leading instructions, teaching me the accountant how to do a better job with it.

Stephen:                             [05:00]                     And it’s phenomenal. So it’s Gaye Lisby. He’s made a million dollars selling. Um, I’ll have the link in here. You’ve got to use the, my, my link and it does help me. I don’t want to say it that way, but it’s part of amazing freedom with Andy Slamming Lee, Ron Hirsch, corn, and nate’s lamins. So you know, you can trust. Okay, so come back to the website, take a look at it and you will get a savings and you can get two weeks free right now. Only through my link. You get two weeks free. Try it. You don’t like it? I get it back off. But right now is the time to make money. Get cash flow going right now. And so join you. Get two weeks free. The only way you’re going to get the two weeks freeze. If you use my link, it’s on this episode. Come on out and give it a try.

Stephen:                             [05:41]                     You will not be disappointed. Again. You’re going to see me in there. So reach out if I can help you too. Let’s get into the podcast. Welcome back to the ECOMMERCE momentum podcast. This is episode 362. Dallas more man. Oh Man. I get so pumped on these interviews because when you talk to somebody like a Dallas, more you a, he is. He so humble, but he’s so smart and he sit back and you listen to them. So yes, I think that’s the better turn. That smart. He’s wise, I’m wise because of experience wise because he works at it. Why is because he knows himself and I think, you know, he listened to the experts, the Gary v’s of the world or whatever. That’s it. Know Yourself, know what you’re good at it, stay in your lane, um, and, and in design your life. And Man, he says, designed his life so well.

Stephen:                             [06:31]                     And that was our topic of discussion. I said this almost three years ago and he’s designed it even more and I think, I think it’s almost like getting permission. I think Dallas will give you permission to sit back and say, hmm, you could sell a million dollars on Amazon. That’s awesome. But you know, that gets old after a period of time. So for us, for him, he, you know, did went more on what he enjoyed that piece of it because he’s so self aware and where you are, if that’s the million dollar you want to sell, tell me $10,000,000 on Amazon. Awesome. That’s your lane, you know. And so I think it’s cool that there’s so many opportunities to make money and just figuring it out and then working on the process, but pay attention to what he talks about process period. That’s what’s driven his success. So if you want to some more on Amazon process, you want some more on Ebay process, you want some more on etsy process process process. And that gives you the ability to scale such a great interview. It’s going into podcast. Alright, we’ll come back to the ecommerce momentum podcast and break cited to have this guest back. It’s been two years and it looks like eight plus months, almost nine months and I’m just, I can’t wait to hear an update from Dallas more. Welcome back, Dallas.

Dallas:                                   [07:43]                     Thank you. It’s been great and I forgot how much I liked talking to you, so I appreciate you having me back.

Stephen:                             [07:50]                     I appreciate talking to you because you’ve really been silent for a long time. I watched you on Youtube. You are one of the most instructional. You know, it’s funny, I was thinking about this earlier as I was prepping and Fba shipment. I’m my, a lot of my show is really about the story you tell your story and how you apply your life or apply what you did in your life to this business and how it connects and I think I have a real gift for that. I don’t give a lot of technical advice because I’m not a technical expert on a lot of stuff. I never claimed to be. Um, I learned from every time I talked to somebody like you, I learned something and it’s like, oh, okay. And then I applied and what I’m doing and I get an advantage because I get the best from you and the best from Chris Mullin, for example, in the best from a somebody else. And then I can pick and choose right? For you. However, were one of the most instructional people that I’ve ever seen enough. Just I go back to the postcards, here’s the scanner, here’s why I’m using this scanner, this is the model, this is the way it’s scans because it can do x number of units per hour, blah, blah, blah. And you went into such technical detail and it’s missed. I mean, I must admit I what you did because you really advanced me in our business,

Dallas:                                   [09:00]                     you know, you have kids and things that were important at one point in your life don’t become as important as they once were. And uh, you know, I think there’s a lot of good people who are making content on youtube and stuff like that. And sure, I had a different perspective and everyone has a different perspective, but you know, sometimes you just got to step back and just do what you want to do and enjoy your life.

Stephen:                             [09:21]                     What did you get from when you were doing that? What was it that it benefited you in? In what way did it enrich you?

Dallas:                                   [09:29]                     Well, one thing, if there are jobs with very solitude jobs are kind of stuck in your own little world and it kind of helped me get out of that a little bit and meet some people that I’ve still got longterm friendships with that I enjoy talking to and corresponding with. And there’s no one that you can talk to about your job as much and will understand it as much as someone who does it. And there’s very few people. I mean I live in my little towns, about 1400 people, so there’s no one in my town that does what I do and there’s probably nowhere within 100 miles that do what I do. But when you get on youtube and you get there and you really become friends with some people out there that are doing the same thing, you, it’s nice to have that correspondence where you can really just sit down and talk about what’s going on in the world.

Stephen:                             [10:14]                     You’re, you’re kind of a quiet guy. Um, I mean, would you call yourself, or at least back in the day, would you have called yourself? I’m kind of shy and reserved

Dallas:                                   [10:25]                     maybe so. I mean, I played college basketball so I kinda had to be out a little bit, especially in high school and first part of my college years, you to kind of, you know, people are talking to you, you want to talk to you. But once I kind of fell into my real life, um, yeah, I mean my wife is my best friend and we worked together and run our business together. And uh, you know, sometimes you forget about how important friendships are.

Stephen:                             [10:51]                     So, so is that a suggestion? I mean, where I was going to go with this is if you are that person who’s kind of quiet and I agree with you, this is a very isolating business, very isolated, mean I haven’t talked to a person other than you today, period. Right? I mean nobody. I haven’t even seen a person. I mean I was at the post office, dropped off a ton of...