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Old Fox Young Fox - Old Fox Young Fox EPISODE 16, 24th August 2019
Can Cannabis oil change your mind? With Hayley Millbank, CBD Oil Entrepreneur
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Can Cannabis oil change your mind? With Hayley Millbank, CBD Oil Entrepreneur

A young boy was experiencing 100 epileptic seizures a day.

His mother gave him CBD Oil, a substance that was banned in the UK but legal in several other countries

And almost immediately the seizures stopped. When she tried to bring the oil into the UK the cannabis oil confiscated. Is this what the war on drugs means? What’s going on?

Cannabis is one of many substances that for 40 years have been lumped together in the public consciousness under the generic label of ‘Drugs’ with all the negative connotations attached to that word .

Now many see huge potential medicinal benefits from a whole range of proscribed substances and the war on drugs narrative is being seriously challenged.

Has the time come to approach the subject from a fresh more informed perspective?

This episode is a conversation with Hayley Millbank a cannabis oil entrepreneur, where she tries to dispel some of the myths around ‘drugs,’ particularly around cannabis, in the hope of unlocking a more humane, balanced understanding of this deeply controversial subject.

About our guest

Hayley came into the CBD Oil industry from an IT career in Banking. She founded Cannadox after her personal experiences of benefiting from using CBD Oil and her desire to give others the same opportunity to experience the benefits she received from using CBD Oil.

Contacting our guest

Hayley can be reached via LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/hayley-millbank-132aa965/

And through her website: www.cannadoxshop.com

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