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The Quash - Legalman EPISODE 16, 21st July 2020
The "pandemic" is a PSY OPP/Bonus
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The "pandemic" is a PSY OPP/Bonus

In this Bonus episode I examine the different ways that Corona is a world wide psychological operation NOT a deadly pandemic. It is designed to do many things, create cognitive dissonance. Keep the people divided. Demoralize them with constant change. Destabilized them to break them down. And many others. This "event" is being used to usher in a bio-metric tracking system to control everyone. But the people don't seem to care. I introduce jury nullification as a way to fight these crazy "restrictions" and "penalties". If you can see it or you just have a feeling about this situation then we have to stick together. This is a very strange and dangerous time in history.

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