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The Beyond Adversity Podcast with Dr. Brad Miller - Dr Brad Miller 23rd July 2021
159. The Power of a P.L.A.N. in The Face of Adversity with Michael K. Jackson
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159. The Power of a P.L.A.N. in The Face of Adversity with Michael K. Jackson

Michael K. Jackson presents The Power of a P.L.A.N. in the Face of Adversity to Dr. Brad Miller on Episode 159 of the Beyond Adversity Podcast.

Michael K. Jackson is a Caribbean American inspirational keynote speaker, Master Trainer, author, and emotional resilience & well-being strategist. As Founder and CEO of Michael K. Jackson International, Michael leverages over two decades of business, ministry, and government leadership experience to advance his mission to inspire, empower, and equip purpose-driven leaders around the world to bounce back from setbacks and “build back stronger” from stress and adversity.

In Episode 159 Michael shares with Dr. Brad the emotional story of losing his father to a devastating hurricane that struck his native US Virgin Islands in 2017.  In the aftermath of the tragedy, Michael organized hurricane disaster relief efforts through his church which included leading mission teams and raising money, and procuring supplies. He came to realize that he had formulated a process to face and overcome adversity even in disastrous circumstances.

His experiences and background lead Michael to develop his signature message, “Build Back Stronger: The Power of a P.L.A.N. in the Face of Adversity.” He talks to Dr. Brad about his 4-step plan to “hurricane-proof” your life when you face adversity.

The conversation focused on emotional resilience and well-being. Succeeding with faith, vision, purpose, and perseverance and defeating fear, anxiety, and doubt.

Michael emphasized the four main points of his P.L.A.N. to build back stronger with Dr. Brad:

  • P-Prayer and Meditation
  • L-Lean In to Listen to Life Lessons
  • A-Act Accordingly
  • N-Notate Your Mind State (relating to journaling)

Michael is the co-author of the Amazon Best Seller, “Speaking My Truth: 50 Real-Life Stories that Inspire, Empower, Heal and Transform.”

Michael emphasized to Dr. Brad that people make a choice when it comes to facing adversity in their life, they can either see adversity as the enemy or adversity as their advisor.

In Episode 159 of the Beyond, Adversity Podcast Michael K. Jackson gives a great blueprint for the person who chooses to see adversity as an advisor.

The Beyond Adversity Podcast is published weekly by Dr. Brad Miller to help people navigate adverse life events and emerge to a life of peace, prosperity, and purpose.