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Navigating the Intersection of Life and Judaism
Episode 3525th January 2021 • A New Conversation with Chanie and Peretz • Chanie and Peretz Chein
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In this episode, Chanie and Peretz frame an ongoing conversation about what it means to consider the interplay of life and Judaism. They suggest that for many, the demands of life can take priority, relegating Judaism to the backseat. The opposite also occurs - Judaism is the only way one knows how to approach the world, which can prevent them from taking an honest look at the dynamics in their lives and their relationships. With these possibilities, how can one live Jewishly, so to speak, through their own lens? Chanie and Peretz suggest the best way of thinking about this question is through conversation that allows for deep and honest thinking about the role Judaism plays in our lives, and vice versa. 

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