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Season 2 Episode 9: Choose Happiness
Episode 927th April 2022 • The Intimate Marriage Podcast • Alexandra Stockwell
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During my studies in college, I took many philosophy courses and one constant all the way from Ancient Greece to the present was the idea that all human beings seek happiness. Based on what I had seen in my life so far, I didn’t really believe that was true because so many people made choices that did not actually lead to their happiness.

Now, after my decades of work with clients and couples, I agree with the wisdom of that assertion. I’ve come to realize that the problem is that most people don’t really know how to create the happiness they seek.

“Choose Happiness” is one of the Keys to an Intimate Marriage. It ties in with uncompromising intimacy in that you are honoring the truth that lives within you. So I teach couples how to choose happiness, how to create it and choose it whenever they so desire.

Listen for a story about a couple I’ve worked with and how choosing happiness improved the communication in their marriage, reduced resentment, and made them both feel much better about themselves and one another.



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